ICONYCS is a real estate and finance technology company dedicated to empowering real estate analysts and financial industry professionals in identifying, analyzing, financing, and marketing of residential real estate socio-economic trends. It offers an integrated suite of cloud-based tools.

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Housing and Demographic RealTech startup ICONYCS to Raise $5M

Housing and Demographic RealTech startup ICONYCS to Raise $5M

Housing and Demographics Analytics RealTech startup ICONYCS, LLC is in discussions with investors to raise $5M at a $30M valuation.

Months after its launch, ICONYCS is in discussions with equity investors and operating partners to raise up to $5 million in a Series A round that values the company at $30 million (post-money).

“Our capital raise is about celebrating the rapidly evolving world of RealTech and the Home Ownership experience in a socially sensitive market environment”, founder and CEO David Van Waldick says. “We can no longer allocate home ownership and the financial benefits the way we have in the past 50 years.”

Where traditional home ownership rights went to typical middle class and wealthy Americans, determined by “education and systemic preferential resource allocation, the housing industry going forward must become more inclusive in it’s marketing, financing, and allocation of the American Dream of home ownership.”  Van Waldick said ICONYCS RealTech “is all about market awareness.” To capture that attention, he intends to leverage the information contained in the 130 million property database and the 187+ million owner Demographic profiles to create market defining analytics in the hopes of moving the needle to a more democratized path to an equitable ownership social balance.” ICONYCS,  was founded in 2020 during the turbulent Covid-19 market is headquartered in Irvine CA., the hotbed of RealTech in the US for 30 years with companies like CoreLogic, AttomData, Black Knight, Veros, and more. 

ICONYCS Vision is “To promote the home ownership opportunity for every eligible person in America”— it aims to provide deep market analytics and discussion framing trends and commentary to effect the needs of it’s client partner Banks, Credit Unions, National Real Estate firms, and Insurance risk management providers a single, integrated MS Azure cloud platform paired up with MS Power BI easy to use tools and dashboards.

To illustrate this, Van Waldick describes wanting to create customized analytics in high impact graphics for end users who purchase customized reports for their own portfolio, or users who subscribe to the Property Data as a Service “PDaaS” unlimited data access, and direct marketers needing insight into buying habits. ICONYCS allows them to do that with “just the click of powerful BI buttons,” whereas “that instant delivery flexibility was just not available before ICONYCS,” he said.

The platform currently consists of five main products — IconycsHA is the flagship analytics set for market trend analysis demographic groups. IconycsDM is a Direct Marketing package for sales and marketing efforts,  IconycsMA is a Portfolio Match and Append feature for portfolio managers, IconycsReviews is a home buyer post closing experience review tool allowing lenders and realtors to know how the buyers experience was. Iconycs Media is an Open Architecture option for Academic Housing Researchers, News Media, Political Influencers, Government Agencies, and Housing No-profit Groups needing the data for their missions but without a budget to pay for it. All ICONYCS data base tools and analytics integrate smoothly with cloud integrated client platforms and e-commerce marketing and social media services.


ICONYCS offers an strategic suite of tools and solution to market interests and in residential real estate as drivers of key political, economic, and socially challenging issues. ICONYCS has engaged to design, develop, and market to end users and strategic partners, a Socio-Economic Home Ownership analytic system. Now market analysts, strategic managers, lenders, insurers, academics, news media, government, and other public and private users will be able to scan nationwide markets down to the state, county, community, neighborhood, and property level and identify real estate centric data points and create intuitive nodes.

The dashboards and analytic tools combine 130 million property records appended with social, economic, and political data points. lCONYCS will assist strategic decision makers in complex housing stock questions.

This exciting big data RealTech solution unlocks the timing and economic relationships between the acquisition of real estate and the distribution of the ownership interests as described with the smart analytic BI dashboards. The rapid resource system will assist in the collection, analysis, and dissemination process to create a triangulation and analysis between real property acquirers, affiliated resources, and national housing interest influencers.

For more information contact David Van Waldick, CEO/Founder, ICONYCS, LLC at info@iconycs.com/ 760-672.0145. Irvine CA 92618

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