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Demographics of Home Ownership

Demographics of Home Ownership

The politics of real estate: 

The politics and practice of found through our home ownership analytics is illuminating key issues in the business of ownership and financing, and increasingly in policy and public debates. On the one hand, homeownership is has historically been a free market asset for eligible consumers and investors seeking to stabilize their living and financial foundations. The free market nature of which has resulted in disproportionate trends of concentrating the best properties and housing stock and the most financially productive, in the portfolios of higher net worth and socially advanced owners. 

Government and public responses to the home ownership have taken different forms. These range from pro-free market trends, primarily justified on “financial ability” economic grounds, to socially responsible programs for low income and social equalization for minorities and recently women/single mother strategies to help more disadvantaged renters become homeowners. Within this changing social context, the current social upheaval in the US highlights economic and political challenges that collectively spotlight the imbalances in ownership depending on income, ethnicity, marital status, sex, education, veteran status, age, and other socio-economic factors. 

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